Dagen Kom Äntligen #News #ChemTrails #CIA The Day Finaly Came.



Äntligen är det någon som vågar stå upp för detta, långsamt går de men sakta men säker kommer en sak i taget att bryta ner de system vi lever i just nu, De intressanta är hur många som igentligen är intresserade av detta =)! skön kännsla när folk tar de på allvar och flera som ligger ännu längre fram i informations flödet ,  STÅ på dig #PernillaHagberg mååååånga backar frågan!

Översätter #Aftonbladet texten för alla som inte läser på svenska.



Swedish news for those who are interessted Translated to english whit #GoogleTranslate so word failure can occur.

Politicians: #CIA injects toxins over Sweden
Chemicals, viruses and heavy metals sprayed out over Sweden – by the CIA and the government.

I think the Green Party leader in Vingåker.

– We need to get engineers on the aircraft to stop putting in these containers, says Roy Hagberg.

  Roy Hagberg, Green Party leader in Vingåker.
Photo: STINA JÄRPERUD / KATRIN HOLMS Courier It was in Thursday’s Katrineholms Courier as politician Roy Hagberg went out with his thesis – which by all scientists dismissed as mere conspiracy theories.

Emit toxic
Roy Hagberg had seen a picture in the newspaper under the caption envisioned aircraft exhaust or condensate.

But according to her, the streaks from the so-called ”chemtrails”, poisons which she emitted by aircraft to control the weather.

– It is one of the biggest phenomena that exist in Sweden right now. These streams contain a lot of chemicals, viruses, and heavy metals such as aluminum that affect weather.

Want power
Roy Hagberg says she believes that the CIA and the U.S. Security Authority NSA is behind emissions.

– It is very nice for a power of organization to be able to control the weather and control it for their own purposes.

Also, the Swedish government may be involved, she said.

– What I have heard there is a government decision that approves chemtrails over Sweden.

Promise pursue the issue
She stresses that she speaks as a private individual and not as a representative of the Green Party. But she promises still trying to stop the ”chemtrails” if she gets elected again.

– This is a controversial and extremely sensitive issue that is very interesting to examine. I know there are several politicians who want but do not dare.

What would you do specifically to stop the ”chemtrails”?

– To begin with, we need to get engineers on the aircraft to stop putting in these containers. It’s all about daring to ignore their fears.

But Roy Hagberg do not get much support from meteorological sources.

– This, I think definitely not. I find it very difficult to believe that anyone could manipulate the weather like that, says Anette Levin at SMHI.

Simple explanation
And streaks that appear in the sky when a jet passes by has a simple explanation, she says.

– When you burn kerosene you get out small particles. If you are flying in sufficiently humid air as dew drops on these particles, known as K-streaks or trails. Sometimes they stay for a long time and sometimes they disappear quickly. Everything depends on the humidity that is where you fly, says Anette Levin.

Many ecologists have rejected the theories by Roy Hagberg moves.

– There is enough in reality to work with the environment, you do not find on the follies, says Gudrun Lindvall, group leader of the Green Party in Katrineholm to Katrineholms Courier.


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